Sunday 13 January 2013

How I Dye My Hair (this weeks color)

Hey Loves. Usually I just dye my hair ( quite often) and show you the end results but last night I decided to take some pictures of the process to share the steps I take when I dye my hair. I didn't take pictures of everything because I needed both hands but you will get the idea.

After brushing my hair I tie-up and pin back all the hair that is not being dyed. I then start sectioning off hair and painting the dye on with my hair dye brush, I do this till all the hair is coated. I used to use foil each section but find this way faster and easier.
I then twist the hair up and put a bobby pin in it to hold my hair in place while it sits. After at least a half hour or longer depending on what Ive been distracted by I rinse my hair until the water is almost clear and condition like crazy. 

So in the last few months my hair has been Bright Red, Purple, Blue and now this one..when this color fades I will be looking for a new shade. Suggestions??

Sara xo


  1. this looks so pretty on you ! maybe try a pastel colour next ? like lilac, i think that would look cool x

  2. Love it!! Pink? or maybe Ombre of a pink or blue if you like diluted the dye towards the roots? lol i'm ombre obsessed hehe!
    Hannah :) x

  3. looks great, I would say try a deep fuschia for your next colour choice

  4. Love the red !! Maybe you could go for a light pink next :)

  5. Wow! Thats amazing, I had no idea it was that easy, thanks for sharing ~ Im following you xo

  6. Wow, that dye is brilliant, I can't believe you didn't need to bleach your hair for it to take! It looks fab on you.