Thursday 10 January 2013

My Hair is Grey (2 weeks of blue hair)

Hey Loves as you all know I like to dye my hair a lot and usually bright colors well before I go on to the next shade I wanted to share what has happened after 2 weeks with Blue hair. Its turned grey (and still some blue at the roots). You might think Grey at 30 who wants that..I kind of like it. If I could make it all an even color down my whole streak I would dye it all this color again. Anyways I guess its time to try a new shade. Fuchsia is next:)

Don't mind the no make-up, air dried undone look. It was a comfy day:)

Sara xo


  1. I love it! its a shame our baby hairs (roots) hold colour differently.

    If memory serves crazy colour do do a silver shade which make work well for you if you want to keep the greyness. I personally hate grey but thats because I have loads of it naturally but, like you if it was two thick stripes down both sides id leave it.

  2. It's kind of wild, I love it.