Wednesday 2 January 2013

My Sephora Gift Card Shopping List

Hello Loves, I'm on a spending ban this year for Shopping & going out on weekends so I can save money and do some traveling with & without my kids. This year (hopefully) its Disney & New York. This is a Wish List - Shopping List to spend some of my Gift Cards from Christmas. Since I'm not spending my own money its all good:)

Sara xo


  1. I have been wanting that palette too! :)

  2. I really want the Naked Basics palette! It's on my lust list!


  3. I'm really unsure on whether I want the new Naked Basic palette or not. It has some beautiful colours, but not sure if I need more neutral shades. I do however really want to try the YSL lip gloss stains, as I've seen many amazing reviews!

  4. Great choices, what shade is the YSL lipgloss??