Saturday 16 March 2013

Loving Lush Lashes

Hello Loves. Even before I was make-up obsessed I was lash crazy. Not only do I feel the need to try every new mascara looking for ones that will make my lashes look fuller and longer but Im into helping them grow and stay strong. Here are the products I love using from Removers to Mascaras.

Keeping them Strong
*I use Sephora Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover every night with out fail. It not removes everything without irritating my eyes but the olive extracts really does strengthen my lashes. I barely ever see any eye lashes fall out when using this product.
*Another product that actually helps is Eye Booster Liners by Physicians Formula. I apply the clear one every night and the black one sometimes during the day. Within the first 2 weeks of using these I had new eye lashes growing in spots I hadn't before.
*The last product is a new one.  Rimmel Volume Accelerator. It says it helps grow lashes in 30 days. Not sure about that yet but I do love the way it makes lashes look.
2 coats of Rimmel Volume Accelerator 
Favorite Mascara Combo
Ok Im one for layering mascara. Sometimes up to 5 at one time. For day to day I like wearing Buxom Lash under L'oreal Voluminous Carbon black. Great mascaras on there own but even better together.
I usually curl and comb between layers but applied it quickly for this post
Faking it 
I also love fake lashes for a night out (too lazy to apply them every day) my favorite lashes to use are the shorter fuller styles. I find these ones harder to find but I like the look of them. 

Sara xo


  1. I love your long eyelashes, so jealous! I'm asian so naturally I have short thin lashes. I wear glasses all the time so I can't wear falsies.

  2. Hello lovely lady! Being missing you and your amazing blog like crazy! I'll be back really soon can't waittttt!!!! XOXOXO

  3. wow your lashes are leget gorgeous! I love your tips for taking good care of them!

  4. Gorgeous lashes! :)


  5. Holy crap your eyes are beautiful *A*

  6. Thanks love. Hope you have an amazing time in NY. Hopefully I will be visiting myself soon:) xx