Sunday 21 April 2013

My Weekend & 1st time Vlogging

Hey Loves. Just wanted to let you know how I spent my weekend and today. On the weekend while my kids were at their dad's home (ex-husband) I spent my days running errands cleaning and watching movies like Django Unchained and out with my friends at night. . I had a great time but by Saturday night I was needing my comfy pj's so I called it a night early and went home for Doctor Who & Tacos. On to today. I filmed a Vlog video for my YouTube Channel which meant walking around with my camera attached to my hand. After many many strange looks I decided I really need a smaller camera lol. 

VLOG VID - Chat, Shop, Bday dinner & Kids:)

Birthday Celebrations:)
Saturday Night  (I was wearing a Black Maxi Dress & Converse of course lol:)
Sara xo


  1. LOVE the animal print!!


  2. Sounds like a fun time all around!! I will be watching your vid later, can't wait! You look great in your going out outfit!

  3. Sounds like an amazing weekend! I wish I had that much fun :P ohhhh and I love maxi dresses for spring when it's still a little chilly. You look lovely in your photo and I love that your dress straps have a fun pattern :]!