Thursday 25 April 2013

Where to go from here ..Life update :)

Hi Loves. Just a little life update me tonight. April has been a month of transformation inside and out. I have been working out every day with my kids jogging and playing soccer and baseball etc. I'm feeling better on the outside and feeling happier emotionally as well. I have also been having a lot of where is my life heading thoughts running through my head. I am fine financially but like all parents always want a better life for my kids and if possible providing that life doing something I enjoy. My issue is going back to work outside the home. Yes I would earn more but paying a sitter would be like working for free. Do I put more effort into my Blog/YouTube? Do I get over my fears and finally start selling my Jewelry and Hair Accessories on a Etsy type site? Not sure where to go from here.


  1. I definitely would love to see you on Etsy!!


    1. I think the reason I havent yet is I have never been great with technology and keep thinking something is going to go wrong with setting up my site. xx