Tuesday 10 January 2012

The Power of Primer...Eye Shadow/Lash Primers

Now let me discuss my favorite types of primers..Eye shadow primers and bases and also Ill touch base on Lash primers a bit as well. I always apply primer to my lids when leaving the house whether I'm going with a barely there make-up look to keep my eyelids looking even coloured and vein free or I'm all dolled up keeping eye shadows vibrant, long lasting and help from creasing..

               Eye Shadows & Bases

* Urban decay Primer Potion- this eye shadow base is a cult favorite and keeps shadows on all day but its not one of my faves. Its clear colour doesn't cover and even out my eye lids.
* Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin- Now this one is great. Its a beautiful long lasting champagn colour that's just perfect for days I want to wear just a hint of colour and shimmer 
* Benefits Stay Don't Stray- I really like this primer. I find it has a little more of a watery consistency but it covers and stays really well. Its lighter colour always brightens the inner corner of my eyes without looking cakey..thinking of buying a full size!!
* MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque- I find myself reaching for this base allot these days. I love wearing this gorgeous colour under all my neutral/bronze looks and esp under MAC's Paradisco
* Quo Eye Primer- not a huge fan here. Its chalky and its colour reminds me of a too pink foundations
* Smash Box Photo Finish Lid Primer- Has a darker more chalky look like the quo primer but its a more wearable colour.

     Swatches (from left 2 right)
1) MAC Rubenesque  2) Benefit Stay Don't Stray  3)SmashBox Photo Finish Lid Primer  4) Quo Eye lid Primer  5) UD Primer Potion  6) UD Primer Potion in Sin

                  Eye Lash Primer
* Quo Lash primer- Doesn't do too much for my lashes so I never find myself reaching for this one.
* Hard Candy 1000 Lashes- Awesome Lash base. Its a fiberized lash weave primer that looks like you have tubes on the end of you lashes making them look super long..when you put a coat of your fave mascara on top.
* Hard Candy 1000 Lashes in black- exact same as the above Hard Candy Lash primer but in black.

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