Sunday 22 January 2012


Hope all you Beauties are having a wonderful day/night. I know I have said no more shopping until I go to NY in a few months but I just couldn't resist stopping by a few stores on my way home from getting groceries this morning. I was really good tho..Almost everything was on sale:) Here is a my itty bitty Haul!!

Hot Pink and Royal Blue Jeggings (sorry pic not true to colour)
Bluenotes -$29.99 each ..BOGO 50%

Top Coat
FLY (gorgeous Teal)
SAVE ME (Sparkles galore)
From the Nicki Minaj collection
$9.95 + 20% off
....really want Metalic 4 life but it was sold out:(

I picked up the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins 
from Coles for $11. Heard excellent things about 
this book and I cant wait to start reading when my 
Monkeys go to bed tonight:)

Until I go on my trip most of my hauls will be small 
like this one (Hopefully lol) 

Thanks for stopping by gorgeous:)

Sara xo

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