Sunday 5 February 2012

De-Potting MAC Eye Shadows:)

Let me start off by saying this is just the way I De-pot my MAC eye shadows and there are other ways to do this that work just as well. Some or most of you lovely people stopping by to read this post may already know how to De-pot shadows using this method but you may just learn something new..

Candle 7 Lighter
Sharp Knife
MAC Eye Shadow

Open the lid and stick the knifes point in the groove right above where the lid and base snap shut (hard to explain the position, check picks below) then wiggle the knife carefully until it slides inside space, once in press down on the knife which will pop the casing around the shadow out of the case/base.
using a MAC shadow I had already De-potted

Light a newer candle (as you need to be able to get near the flame). Once lit grasp the casing with the eye shadow with your tweezers securely and hold above the flame. Keep checking to see if the plastic being held above the flame is melting this doesn't take long..and by melting I mean you can see the plastic getting a shiny bubbly look to it. At this point take it off the flame.

Flip the casing shadow side down on a towel and gently press your tweezers down on the back of the base where the plastic is very soft from melting it with the candle. The eye shadow pan should pop out. Grabbing hold of the pan with your tweezers when its almost out may help as the glue sometime likes to stick. Let the pan continue to cool face careful very hot!!
Forgot the towel...oops!! no shadow got on the carpet though:)

While the pan is cooling again take your tweezers and hold the case label side down over the candle flame for just a few while you do this because its very easy to burn the paper label. As soon as you notice the edge coming unstuck take it off the flame and use your tweezers to carefully peel the label off the back of the case.

This is where you would stick a magnet to the back of the now cooled metal eye shadow pan but I don't have any magnets at the moment so I am going to skip to the next the label on the back of your eye shadow pan (over the magnet if you are using one for your palette)

Put your black slightly melted casing back in its case/base, close the lid and you have something for BACK 2 MAC.

Hope this helped at least one of you


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