Friday 7 September 2012

My Hair Over The Last Year (and new colour)

Hey Dolls last night I dyed my hair again (back to brunette/Red) and was thinking Ive changed my hair a lot in the past year so I started going through my pictures and yes I definitely have. Here are some of the changes my hair has gone through this year (colours and cuts). Ive also had my hair all blonde (killed my hair and the reason I cut it all off again) and fire engine red but cant find the photos on my lap top. Thinking I will just be keeping it this reddish brown shade for a bit but and give my hair a break from blonde:)

Newest Colour
* pictures are in order from Newest (top) to oldest (bottom)

Sara xo
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  1. That color looks great on you! Love how different you look on every picture

  2. You look awesome with a short cut! It's so much fun to play around with color, I'm due really soon xx

  3. The new look is lovely! I love how you change your look and still be beautiful! Short hair is not for everyone but it fits you perfectly! XOXO

  4. Looks great! I love the darker brown hues you previously had as well

  5. I do love your hair, this post makes me want to get a new-do as mine hasn't been touched up in...oh gawsh, a year or so *cringe.

    When I went blond it absolutely ruined my hair, I was trying to go back to my natural colour after years of being a bottle brunette. As much as everyone else seemed to love my reunited locks I couldn't believe I'd damaged my hair so much after years of actually keeping my hair extremely healthy and all I wanted to do was go back to the brunette...which ended up as green hair, at least I wasn't blond any more...

    - Holly xx

  6. Haha! Nice to see someone dyes their hair as much as me :)
    I've vowed to leave mine alone for a while but have itchy fingers already. I love the blonde underneath the brown. Actually I love them all. Very pretty xx