Monday 30 April 2012


Hi there Beauties, these are just a few Goodies I picked up over the last week or so. I know I said I was trying not to shop but I cant go cold turkey lol. A lipstick here, nail polish there is better then a spending $100+ every time I go shopping:). 

The Amazing Spider-Man Mini Nail Polish Collection By OPI

2 FOR $18.00 @ SHOPPERS (REG $11.99 EACH)


Sara XO

Sunday 29 April 2012

BLOG AWARD>Thanks Doll xxx

Hey Dolls The Lovely Hannah from Nominated my Blog for an award a few days ago. She's awesome:) Thanks Hannah its so cool that you even thought of The Beautiful World of Lennyn B..Its means so much to me. Now I would like to Award some wonderful very deserving Blogs that I love reading.



I'm loving these blogs and I hope you take a minute to check them out as well. Congrats Dolls:)

Sara xo

Saturday 28 April 2012


Hello Dolls I know I have probably shown all of my blushes in different haul and tutorials but since I have done other collection post I wanted to do one for my blushes. I Love blush but I really don't have that many as i always end up picking up other things instead for some reason?. I didn't include a few cream sticks, bronzers and highlighters in this post as it would be way too long. 
VASANTI-Rockies, PUR-Pink Marble, SMASHBOX-Radiance, STILA-Coral & CARGO-Mallorca

DREAM BOUNCE-70 Hot Tamale, 30 Candy Coral, 10 Pink Frosting, 60 Coffee Cake , 15 Rose Petal, 50 Plum Wine, PHYSICIAN FORMULA-Happy Booster Natural, HARD CANDY- 127 HoneyMoon & NYC-651 Riverside Rose

MAC-Breath of Plum, Dainty & Sunday Afternoon, NARS-Sin & Orgasm

 BENEFIT-Coralista, Bella Bamba, Hervana & Dandelion

BENEFIT-Posey Tint & ChaCha Tint, Home made Cream Blush

So There you have my current collection of blushes. I truly get use out of every one depending on the look I'm going for, where I'm going and my mood:)

Sara xo

Thursday 26 April 2012


Hi Dolls as you can tell by the extra posts Ive been posting Im not sure what to do with my free time now that Im done school..hope you don't mind:) In this post I wanted to share with you the 6 make-up items I would repurchase if I lost all my Make-up (scary to think about). They are items that can be multi purpose and I have taken these exact items in my Bag many times before.

MAC STUDIO FINISH CONCEALER (NW20) - I use this product to conceal under eye circles, Blemishes, Redness and as a Eye Lid primer.

MAC MSF NATURAL (MED) -Powder to set concealer and get rid of shine through out the day/night.

MASCARA (LOREAL CARBON BLACK) - Can be used as a typical Mascara and as an Eye Liner
EYE LINER BRUSH - To use Mascara as a Liquid Liner

BENEFIT CHA CHA TINT - Really any Cheek/Lip Tint would do but for the summer I love this peachy shade for my cheeks & lips.

MAC PAINT POT (RUBENESQUE) - I use this as a quick bit of colour and shimmer on my eye lids as well as a light golden cheek bone highlight when used sparingly.

What would you HAVE to repurchased if you lost your make-up..and what your Favourite multi purpose make-up is? 

Tuesday 24 April 2012

KORRES Eye Shadow Quad + Lip Butter!!

Hey Dolls Today I stopped in Winners for a minute while I was out getting groceries and I found some Korres Goodies and for the price I had to snatch them up. I picked an Eye Shadow Quad as well as a Lip Butter.

Antioxidant Sunflower & Hydrating Evening Primrose
$35.00 paid $8.99
Gorgeous Neutral shades. The shadows are soft/creamy to the touch but the colour pay off when doing swatches are good but not as pigmented as I was hoping. Still a great buy for the price.
31 Bronze Brown
36 Brun
15 Nude  (MATTE)
47 Olive Green

$16.00 Paid $3.99
Amazing I am a huge fan of lip balms and Butters and have tried many, this creamy tinted balm is an instant Love:)
Sara xo

Monday 23 April 2012

SMASHBOX Camera Ready BB Cream

Hello Beauties. I know you all are probably tired of seeing posts on BB creams but I have gone back to my old ways of using tinted moisturisers & (now) BB Creams instead of using foundations, which is something I just started doing this year. I'm testing out different ones to find one I really like..Ive been using this one by Smashbox everyday since Friday ..Here is my honest opinion:)

This 5 in 1 Beauty Balm claims its a Moisturiser with SPF 35, Primer and Controls Oil in one step to create a flawless face in a flash when worn alone or under Foundation.

* Amazing coverage for a BB Cream or Tinted Moisturiser - I can usually just slap these kinds of products on with out a mirror but this one you can actually see that horrible ring around your nostrils if you don't blend it in which mean a little extra coverage
* Even though it has good coverage it just evens out your skin and reduces the appearance of redness but lets your skin shine through - Love the fact I can still see my Freckles through it but the rest of my skin looks great:)
* Skin looks luminous
* Kept me Matte in my Tzone all night - I don't have really oily skin but some shine in my Tzone and I wore this out Dancing this weekend and didn't need to re powder all night.
* For the price the amount of product you get truly sucks. This tiny tube only contains 30ml / 1.0fl.oz
* $50.00+tx Canadian..Ridiculous 
For the product I give an A but because I use this every day in the morning and reapply it (like putting on a fresh face) at night if I go out I can't justify buying it again unless the price is reduced/sale. I am going to keep checking out other brands.

Just a side note Ive been using my Garnier BB cream on my legs when I need my legs to look nice in shorts & skirts. a small amount evens out my skin making stretch marks, scars and even a bruise or 2 less noticeable and my skin glowing:)
Sara xo

Sunday 22 April 2012

Beauty Haul..Rewarding Myself for Graduating College:)

Hi Dolls hope you all had a wonderful weekend. On Friday I brought 6 empty container in for back to MAC and of course could resist grabbing a few other things while I was at the mall since I don't get to that mall often.Ive been really good at not shopping as much lately so I can save for my birthday in June but thought 1 lapse was deserved for graduating college this week. Here is what I bought:)
All Ive been using lately is BB creams and concealers and really wanted to try this one (as well as the too faced). My impression of this one after a few days is..its a great product. Covers as good or better then my tinted moisturisers, feels nice on the skin and blends in wonderfully.. 
As I had mentioned in previous posts I LOVE Buxom Mascara and since I ran out a long time ago I finally caved and stopped in Sephora to pick a new one up. I saw this set of full size products (last one) so I picked it up. You all know about this mascara if you read my posts  The gloss is a pretty peach shade and smells nice but like most glosses Ive tried its sticky. The Smoky Eye 3in1 shadow line & smoke stick is a great eye liner. It also came with a brush to smoke out the liner but I will be using it for under my lower lashes and inner corner.
From the Reel Sexy collection I picked up a Minerlized Skin Finish in LIGHTSCAPADE (again the last one). This is a gorgeous highlighter Ive been using on my cheek bones, brow bones and inner corner of my eyes. Its light champagne colour has pink and blue marbling 
This is the colour I grabbed for my back 2 MAC pick. Its a cremesheen called Brave Red. its a beautiful red that's not drying on my lips. It has nice colour pay off but can easily be sheered out.
I love my MAC select cover up Concealer but found on certain days I had to layer it under my eyes for the right coverage so I wanted to try out a heavier concealer. I bought MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW20 and so far I love it. Covers amazingly, doesn't crease on me and blends in so easily. New Fave:)
Sara xo

Tuesday 17 April 2012

False Lash How To...My Way:)

Hey Dolls Hope your all well. Another How to Post today..well How I do it. This is how I apply false Lashes. I'm not very skilled when it comes to putting them on and this is the easiest way for me. Hope the pictures make sense it was hard to apply them and hold the camera at the right angle:)

Products Needed... Lashes, Glue, Some thing to put the glue on & Eye Liner Brush

After applying eye liner so you don't see any gaps between your natural lashes and the fake ones. Give lashes a curl and a coat or two of Mascara 
                    Squeeze a drop of Glue on the Cardboard
Get some Glue on the brush
Put a bead of Glue on either end of Lashes for extra hold
 Line lash line with glue close to your Lashes. I just follow the liner I had already applied. Don't worry if you can see it, it will dry clear or dark to match liner if your using Duo dark like I am. let dry (tacky) for 30 seconds.
glue is drying and getting tacky..half way there:) looks like its on my lashes but it isnt
I find it easiest to look down in a mirror when applying my Lashes but it was to hard to get a picture Sorry!!
 Looking down in the mirror Place the middle of lashes to the middle of your lash line
 Now I place the outer corner down and adjust if needed
 Do the same to Inner corner. By the time you get to this part lashes should be lined up perfectly.
 Last I gently take my lashes and eye lid between my fingers and very lightly pinch all across the lash line. I find this extra step really makes sure the lashes are secure and pressed as close to my natural lashes as possible.
Last (after glue dries completely) I touch up my Eye Liner if needed, give my lashes a curl and a last coat of mascara and I'm done. Which I didn't do for this post but you guys know what I'm saying :)... I really have no idea why this way works so well for me every time...maybe there is no glue right on the lashes getting stuck to your tweezers or fingers, what ever the reason it just Does:)

Sara xo