Tuesday 31 January 2012

How to Create/Press Eye Shadows:)

Today I wanted to show you beautiful people reading this post how I create and press my own eye shadows. This is a process that you may have seen many times before and maybe even the exact same way but if you didn't know how to press your own eye shadows now you will.

Start off by gathering the supplies you will need:
Eye shadows or Loose pigments
Rubbing Alcohol
Empty Eye Shadow Pans - I buy mine from Coastal scents
Dish or Tray to mix on - I use the Silver top from my B & BW candles
Eye Dropper
Mixing Tool - I like wooden Orange sticks used for manicures

STEP 1: Can be done in 2 different ways. If you have a loose pigment just pour a small amount the size of a nickle on to your tray or in the dish. If you have Solid Eye shadows you want to mix and re press all you need to do is take your mixing tool (orange stick) and scrape a chunk or shadow(s) out of there original pans onto your tray/dish.

STEP 2: this step is for when your using already solid Eye Shadows. Once you have Chunks of solid Shadow on your Tray/dish you will need to use your mixing tool to crush the Shadow..doesn't need to be as fine as a loose pigment but it shouldn't have any noticeable solid chunks.

STEP 3: Now pour a small amount of rubbing Alcohol into a small dish (I use an extra medicine cup that came with cough syrup or the lid of the rubbing alcohol)

STEP 4: Suck up some rubbing alcohol with your eye dropper and drop by drop place R. Alcohol on to the centre of your eye shadow or pigment pile.

STEP 5: Carefully mix the coloured powder and the R. Alcohol together with your mixing tool making a wet paste (adding more powder or rubbing alcohol as you mix)

STEP 6: At this time use your mixing tool to scrape the paste into a pile and again using your mixing tool pick up chunks of the paste and put them into your empty eye shadow pan until the pan is full.

letting it set before final pressing/smoothing
STEP 7: You can definitely use a tool of some sort for this step but I just use my fingers. I place my finger in the centre of the pan lightly slide your finger the the edge of tray smoothing the shadow out. repeat this until the eye shadow looks even in the pan then you can rub your finger over the surface lightly to smooth it out.

STEP 8: Leave the shadows to set for a few hours (when if feels almost solid and dry to the touch) you can place a cloth or a piece of plastic over the pan then press the shadow one last time with either a quarter or you thumbs.

STEP 9: Let the Pressed shadow set over night and your Finished:)

Empty magnetic Eye shadow palettes from Coastal Scents

Now this is just the way I press shadows if you have an easier or different way of doing this please dont hesitate to share lovelies.

Monday 30 January 2012

Would You Rather?.... Beauty Edition

Hope you Beauties had a wonderful weekend. I was away hence the lack of posts but I'm back and felt like answering the Would you Rather tag I found on YouTube. I watched quite a few lovely people do this Tag and always thought of my own answers while I watched theirs, These 10 questions are a mix of 2 separate Would you Rather Tags..hope you enjoy and I would love to know your answers:)

Would you rather.......

Go out with messy hair & nice make-up or Nice hair and no make-up?              
Messy hair & nice Make-up because my hair is messy most days anyways

Shave your eyebrows or let your eyelashes fall out?
Shave my eyebrows, I would rather pencil in my brows for a while then lose my eyelashes because I love mascara too much

Forced to shop only at MAC or SEPHORA?
Although I adore MAC products my choice would be SEPHORA because I would have more products choices

Wear lipstick/lip liner Combo or an 80s Perm?
Lipstick/Lip liner because this question doesn't say what colour and I would go with a your lip colour liner and any pretty colour gloss tricky tricky lol.

Go to a party and at the end of the night realize you had lipstick on your teeth or false lashes coming unglued?
Hmmm I guess I would rather have lipstick on my teeth then look like I have a baby Caterpillar on my face.

Wear Foundation 2 shades lighter or Go over board with bronzer?
Definitely foundation 2 shades lighter, I would just make sure it was blended down my neck and go for a 50's pin up look that daythat day:)

Be able to date a celeb you wanted or wake up with perfect red carpet hair?
Red carpet hair for sure.

Give up your Make-up or cell for 1 year?
Well since my cell broke 8 months ago and I never replaced it and don't miss it I would say hands down I would give up my cell.

Forget to put mascara on 1 eye or Blush on one side of your face?
One of my favorite beauty obsessions is mascara but I'm going with Mascara on 1 eye..and praying I'm wearing my glasses that day

Bad Hair cut or colour?
I would hate either. Guess I would go with colour..colour fades or can be coloured again while a bad hair cut you have to be patient while it grows out..I'm not very patient.

Well there you go..again I would love to hear your answers:)

Sara xo

Thursday 26 January 2012

Collective Haul:)

Over the past 3 weeks Ive picked up a few products here and there and I thought i would share them with you beauties today. 

Luxeffects-Shine of the times..gorgeous opalescence 
Art Deco..Beautiful summer coral
Lapiz of Luxury..described as an dreamy ocean blue
It's Genius..Dark Violet with fine gold shimmer
Step Right Up..very soft baby pink
2 quick coat swatches from left 2 right. Lapiz of luxury, Art Deco, luxeffects and It`s Genius...you can see OPI`s step right up on my last nail tutorial post.

Benefit: Box Blush
Coralista..highly pigmented Coral blush. The perfume smell is a little strong for my liking but the colour is so pretty Ill put up with it.

Maybelline: Dreamy Bounce Blush
30 Candy Coral..bright orange coral
70 Hot Tamale..bright reddish pink
Swatches from left 2 right (1 swipe) Maybelline's Hot Tamale and Candy Coral, Benefit's Coralista.

My first impression of these squishy blushes is..they are the tiniest blushes I have ever owned and pretty pricey at $10.49 CAD but the absolutely beautiful colours are highly pigmented and blend easily. Its hard to describe the texture, in the container its like a piece of soft molding clay and when applied I found it was more like putting on a cream blush but finished like a powder yet stayed like a cheek stain. wow hope that made sense:) I only bought 2 to try but Im loving these amazing little blushes and will be collecting the rest before they sell out..Like some people and the Revlon Lip Butters:)

I also picked up a lot of essentials like make up sponges, razor, wax strips etc..but didnt think that would be exciting to show you:)

Hope you enjoyed my little Collective Haul Beauties

Sara XO

Wednesday 25 January 2012


Hello Lovelies thought I would share my January favorites with you. These are products Ive been reaching for and using the most this month. I hope I don't leave anything out:)....

                          FACE WASHES & LOTION
1. Ive re-discovered my love for Wicked Spiced Pumpkin body lotion by B & BW mmmm!!

2. SEPHORA Waterproof Conditioning Eye Make-up Remover takes off my make-up with out stinging my sensitive eyes and has really stopped my eye lashes from falling out.

3. Exfoliating is always a step in my beauty routine, flaky skin doesn't look great with make-up on top (or even bare faced) and this month I've been using Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub more then any of my other beloved scrubs.

4. Lancome's Mouse Comfort a creamy foaming cleanser for dry skin has really helped soothe and moisturize my dry winter skin this month.

                   FACE MAKE-UP
1. Ive been using MAC's Studio Moisture Tint (Tinted Moisturizer) in Medium for about a month now and I like it a lot. I find it has a little bit more coverage then other brands I've tried. Great For when I want to even out my skin with out looking or feeling like I have make-up on.

2. MAC MSF in Medium is probably going to be on my Faves list for a long time. I did discover that I like this wonder powder even more when applying it by pressing is on with my Beauty Blender Sponge then with  my brushes.

3. Maybe I'm tired of winter already because Ive been reaching for my summer coral cheek colours this month like Benefit Coralista.

             EYE SHADOWS

1.Urban Decay Naked Palette..So many possible colour combinations..one word AWESOME!!

2. Loving MAC's Satin Taupe, Paradisco, Mythology, Antiqued, Club, Cranberry, Star Violet and Contrast using these colours all over the lid, in the crease..esp loving a neutral eye with cranberry in the crease.

I really have been loving last years fave again. HARAJUKU LOVERS G:)

                NAIL POLISH
The colour i seem to be re-applying the most has been this beautiful candy apple red. 
ESSIE Who's She Red.

Hope you liked my January Faves and if you want a review or tutorial using any of these products
just let me know and I will be happy to do one for you.


Tuesday 24 January 2012

NOTD & Mini How To:)

Hello Beauties, This morning I couldn't wait to fix my the nail situation I had going on..they were looking really rough and were driving me crazy..I thought I would share..

1. I painted my nails with SECHE VITE Top Coat & OPI's 
   Step Right Up

2. Then I painted twigs/branches with my Black Stripper Polish

3. I poured a little bit of ESSIE's It's Genius on my palette and used the smaller end of my dotting tool to place dots randomly on the branches to make flowers. Then I used a Gold Stripping Polish to dot the centre of each flower. Followed by placing a few green leaves here and there with my Green Stripper
4. Then I finished up with a Clear Top Coat by OPI

 If you want to see more nail designs check out my other post today
Thanks for taking a look Lovelies:)

Sara XO

Being Creative With Nail Polish:)

Here are some past Nail Polish designs I experimented with..Im not a proffesional or an artist I just like being creative and as you can see I take requests from my 3 little monkeys:)

                             ALICE in WONDERLAND

These are just a few of the ideas that once popped in my head..sorry the about the camera quietly as I used my very old camera to take a few of these pictures


Monday 23 January 2012

8 Most Worn TAG!!!

Hello Beauties for my first tag here on The Beautiful world of Lennyn B i decided to do the 8 Most Worn Tag after going through tag videos on you tube and watching a few of my favorite youtubers do theirs.. Here's mine. Enjoy:)

SHOES: STEVE MADDEN BOOTS - I either wear them up or folded down at least 5 days a week..LOVE THEM!!

LIPSTICK:   SYRUP by MAC - A my lips but better colour

JEWELRY (don't wear earrings): AMETHYST BRACELET






...and that is my 8 Most Worn TAG!!


Sunday 22 January 2012


Hope all you Beauties are having a wonderful day/night. I know I have said no more shopping until I go to NY in a few months but I just couldn't resist stopping by a few stores on my way home from getting groceries this morning. I was really good tho..Almost everything was on sale:) Here is a my itty bitty Haul!!

Hot Pink and Royal Blue Jeggings (sorry pic not true to colour)
Bluenotes -$29.99 each ..BOGO 50%

Top Coat
FLY (gorgeous Teal)
SAVE ME (Sparkles galore)
From the Nicki Minaj collection
$9.95 + 20% off
....really want Metalic 4 life but it was sold out:(

I picked up the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins 
from Coles for $11. Heard excellent things about 
this book and I cant wait to start reading when my 
Monkeys go to bed tonight:)

Until I go on my trip most of my hauls will be small 
like this one (Hopefully lol) 

Thanks for stopping by gorgeous:)

Sara xo

Saturday 21 January 2012

Starting My NY Wish List:)

My monkeys are cozy in their beds asleep and I was sitting here trying to make a list of things I want to buy when I go on my trip..
Here is a few things I am definitely keeping my eye out for while I'm away..all of which I found at sites with store locations in NY:)
( I only need 1 watch!!)

1. Jeffrey Campbell "Martini" Flats
2. Fossil Watch
3. Michael Kors "Runway" Watch
4. Make-up Forever "Flash colour Palette"
5. Dooney & Burke "Dillen" Satchel
6. Steve Madden "Pammy" Wedges
7. Inglot "Rainbow Freedom System Palette"
8. Urban Decay "Book of Shadows VOl. 111"

and this list goes on and on..I'm sure I will make a final list of things to look for in New York before I leave all though I'm sure once i get there and start shopping I may throw it out the window lol:)

Sara Xo