Monday 9 January 2012

I Keep Coming Back-My Review on Marcelles lines of Facial Cleansing Products

Sorry i missed my daily Blog post yesterday but my head was in the clouds. I spent yesterday relaxing with my boyfriend well now fiance trying to fight this nasty cold that's started in on me..did you catch that, my fiance. Sounds so weird to say, yes he asked me last night and of course my answer was yes. He and my children mean the world to me. I will be posting wedding stuff as I plan but for now I wanted to tell you about a a company that i always go back to for my face cleansing routine but I never hear anyone mention ever.

I'm talking about MARCELLE  this brand can be found at shoppers and at and its wonderful. Before I talk more about this brand i will tell you what kind of skin type I have, it may help you in deciding if these products may work for you. I have very dry, sensitive skin. I'm not prone to breakouts but do get spots during a certain week each month. About a year ago my breakouts during that week were getting worse and worse and no product I could find worked for my skin since they all catered to oily acne prone skin.  Then I found MARCELLE.  I have 2 different routines using this company. The first one I'm going to talk about is for when my skin isn't behaving and the second is my everyday routine Ive gone back to.

      MARCELLE AC-SOLUTIONS For Acne-Prone Skin
This is the first brand that Ive used that didn't dry out my already seriously parched skin and actually takes care of any spots i have and super fast, sometimes as fast as 24 hours. Here are the products in order that I use from this line.
* Daily Purifying Exfoliating Gel : A gentle exfoliant
*Purifying Foaming Cleanser: This self foaming cleanser has a light refreshing smell that I'm quite fond of.
* Purifying Toner (Not pictured sorry I ran out): Even after I use this routine or my clairisonic I run this toner over my face and it takes off everything I didnt know was left behind.
*Oil Free Moisturizing Balancing Lotion: Controls shine by reducing sebum, refines skins texture and tightens pores..i do need to mention I put my lotion on top of this before bed because of my skins level of dryness.
*Imperfection Corrector: A spot treatment that works miracles but does sting for a few seconds if put on any broken skin..the fast acting non drying product is worth a little sting to me.

           MARCELLE HYDRA-C RADIANCE For All Skin Types
The other 3 weeks during the month I use this line. The Hydra C line of products contains Vitamins C + E and is hypo-allergenic just like the AC Solutions line I mentioned above. 
* Facial Exfoliating Gel : Very gentle but this product is pretty watery in texture so you need to be careful when you squeeze it out.
* Gentle Self-Foaming Cleanser: Leaves my skin radiant and refreshed
* Eye Contour Gel Cream: I pat this product gently under my eyes before bed to help diminished dark circles and help with future lines and winkles
* Hydra C  24 hr moisturizer + SPF 15 (not pictured): Great light non greasy moisturizer.

I highly recommend this line of Products if you can get your hands on them. The prices are really good for the results I have got from using this line. Prices here in Ontario range from $12-$25. I usually buy mine at Shoppers Drug mart where they have allot of sales, sets and free with purchase on the Marcelle lines of facial products.

Thanks again for stopping by Beauties:)

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