Sunday 1 January 2012

The Year ahead..My 2012 Resolutions!!

I had planned to post a few beauty DIY projects here on my Blog tonight but my camera has officially died this weekend so thats out of the question..  but I just couldnt stay away...
With 2012 now among us I decided to do some thing I havent done in years..a list of resolutions. I may have a hard time and I may even fail at some of them but Im putting my fear aside and working hard at every single thing on this list...I will be able to say I tried my best!!

1. Continue to break down my walls and let others into my life- 
Im way to closed off from the world in fear of being hurt and let down like in the past

2. Finish College- Even if I'm doubtful my degree will be used in the future..i would like to say I was able to get my degree while raising my children on my own and paying for it all by myself.

3. Keep writing My Beauty Blog- Anyone who has spent time with me knows I have a passion for anything beauty/fashion and being able to write about and share that passion with others is amazing

4. Learn to play a new instrument just for fun..not sure which one yet

5. Taking the time to take care of Me- Being a single mom I need to make the time to eat healthy and get enough sleep and have some down time to relax 

6. Stop worrying about the things i have no control over and taking charge of the things I do. Living life day by day and enjoying every minute.

Wish me luck:)

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