Thursday 16 February 2012


Today was a science project day for me and a messy one at that. I decided to experiment with making my own blush. It was really just tweaking what I already knew from making eye shadows and lip balms. Here is a what I came up with..hope you try one of these out:)

There are many different ways to create a cream blush for one time use like mixing a bit of your blush on the back of your hand with a touch of lotion or primer. Benefits That Gal Primer works beautifully. But if like me you want a creamy blush you can use more then once try this.

Blush Powder
Containers - 1 to mix and 1 to hold finished product
Mixing Stick

FIRST - Pour Powder (pigment or blush you crushed up) in your mixing container. Light your candles and then cut chunks of your lipstick off onto your spoon and place it over the flame of your candle.
SECOND - Once melted pour the melted lipstick into the mixing bowl with your powder and begin to mix there should be an equal dry to wet ratio. Once mixed well you can scoop the mixture into you final container and smooth out. Let sit for a few hours.
Final Product has a Lipstick like consistency, blends easily and dries with a powder finish

If you have been following my Blog this one is repeat on a bigger scale. I use the exact same method to press eye shadows.

Blush Powder/Pigment (or eye shadow..what ever you like)
Rubbing Alcohol
Mixing Bowl
Stir Stick
Empty Pan or container to keep it in.

Put the blush powder in a mixing bowl and then add rubbing alcohol slowly and mix until you get a wet paste. Scoop mixture into your pan or container and smooth out. Let it sit a few hours then use your fingers to smooth it out again.
Still need to smooth out mixture again but it wasnt dry enough yet and I wanted to get this post done
 So there you go another easy beauty DIY from The Beautiful World of Lennyn B. I Love doing these kinda projects at home and like sharing with you..Hope you enjoyed & try your own:)

Sara XO

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