Saturday 18 February 2012

Garnier Skin Renew B.B CREAM..My 1st Impression:)

Hi Dolls, I have been hearing more and more hype about BB Creams and Ive been dying to try one out. I keep  reading up on different brands bringing out there own version of the Asian beauty wonder..Well today while i was at Shoppers i noticed they had the Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream on sale so I figured this was my chance to check one out and do a review for you guys.

First Off as soon as I put it on the back of my hand it felt more like a thick foundation then light tinted moisturizer and the colour pay off was right in between the two. I love tinted moisturizers and my skin really doesn't get that many blemishes but i do have a hard time with discolouration around my nose and under my eyes as you can see in my yet again braving the camera with no make-up pic below. I had high hopes this would conceal these problems better then a tinted moisturizer. 

Here is what I liked and didn't like about my first time using the Garnier BB Cream. Well right away I hated the dispenser. I wish the hole where the cream came out from was flush with the top but it isn't and cream collects in the well with every use, I found only a Qtip got it out. The cream it self is great easy to apply, blends beautifully and the light/medium colour works great on me. I will still be using my concealer while using this product but a lot more sparingly because it really did help even out my skin and i would say more then any of my tinted moisturizers. 

The Box claims This product is an all in one- Renews, Brightens, Evens and Hydrates for 24 hrs. Well I don't know about the Renews & 24 hr part yet but I can say from my first impressions that it does do what it says when it comes to Brightening, Evens out and Hydrates and my skin felt so silky like i had applied a really good face cream which is probably from the Vitamins C+ mineral pigments that this product claims it contains. 

           COLOUR SWATCH

                        NO MAKE-UP

 Some times it is hard to tell from a photo how much different a product  makes your skin look but in person it really did. Bottom Line I really recommend you try this or another brand of B.B Cream  if you get the chance..I know I will continue to use this awesome new product:)          

Sara XO


  1. it looks really great on your skin, i want to try it xx

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  2. Bought some today gonna try it tomorrow! I'll let you know what I think!

  3. cant wait to hear what you think. I used it today under my foundation. Smoother application then when I use primer first!!