Saturday 12 May 2012


Hey Beauties I picked up 3 Polishes from the new Essie neon collection Poppy Razzi. The fourth was sold out or else I probably would of grabbed that one to. Let me tell you my lighting doesn't show the pure neon awesomeness that are these polishes but I thought I would show you anyways..Love me some neon nails this year:)
Did anyone notice the collection name is on the front of the bottle? I went through my other Essie Polishes to see if this was just something I didn't notice but it seems to be new. I like it :)

Sara xo


  1. I bought Camera yesterday! Love it & buying the rest!

  2. They were almost sold out of the whole collection at the shoppers I went to..and I was there 2 days before and they didnt even have it out yet..Im on the hunt for the last one:)

  3. I really like the look of the peachy 'action' colour!

    I've heard the store next door but one to my office sells Essie so I'll have to go see if they have this shade! :-)


  4. Beautiful colours! I spent a good amount of time staring at these at Shopper's the other day haha

  5. I was eyeing them to going back and forth over if I should buy them but decided to go for it cause they are great colours, the display was almost empty & I have an collection obsession with Essie lol:)