Wednesday 30 May 2012

My (at the moment) MAKE-UP STORAGE

Hey dolls just wanted to do an updated make-up storage post. Its not to really talk about what make-up I have  or too brag in any way (as a mom that only gets out twice a month I save and spend most of my personal spending money on things I love which includes make-up, nail polish etc + I always shop for bargins) This post is to show how Im now organizing my Make-up which I re-organize often. If you do see anything you want me to review or use in a tutorial just let me know:)
BACK ROW: Acrylic 3 Compartment Container holds my Foundations, Tinted Moisturisers /BB Creams and Concealers FRONT ROW: Powders, Powder Foundations, Sponges and Samples
CONTAINER 1: Cream Shadows, Paint Pots & Coloured Eye Primers
CONTAINER 2: All my Primers and my Eyebrow Powder
BACK ROW: Acrylic Container holds my Cream blushes, Tints, Highlighters, 
Dream Bouncy Blush, Drug Store Brands 
FRONT ROW: Plastic Containers 1) Benefit & High end Blushes 
2 )NARS & MAC 3) Bronzers
Drug Store, High end and Mini Mascaras
Eye Liners and Pot Form Liners
Jumbo Liners, small Quad and Single Shadows
Perfume Boxes 
BACK ROW: Lip Balms, Glosses and Misc Drug Store Lipsticks
FRONT ROW: MAC, Dior, Smashbox, Rimmel & Lip Butters
Perfumes, Samples, Bath & Body Works stash, Lash Stash Boxes, Extra Palettes, 
Blog Giveaway Prizes and a dying Plant:( lol

* 3 Compartment Containers and Clear Plastic boxes are from the Dollar Store $1.25-2.00 each
Glass Jars are Empty cleaned B & BW Candles
Acrylic Lipstick Containers are from Winners $5.99-9.99 each


Sara XO


  1. This looks really nice! Love how you sorted everything! I am looking around for desks now cause i want to set me up my own little MakeUp corner (finally got hubby ;)). I am also looking for little storage items to put all my stuff in,
    Btw. how you like the Garnier BB Cream? I wrote a review about it a while ago...
    Love, Janine

  2. I love all your clear containers! It looks so neat & tidy! I so need a system! My make up area is totally out of control right now! :)

  3. Your is much more organized than mine I throw everything in this giant tub and it only kinda separated into section I need a bigger one tbh lol

  4. Great organization! Soo pretty you have an impressive collection :)


  5. i love to have such a spacious place for my makeup

  6. Wow great collection! :-)

    I love makeup storage/organisation posts - they give me lots of inspiration as my makeup collection is pretty much just dumped en masse on a shelf at the moment.

    I really need to get some of thos clear containers - they look really useful!