Thursday 24 May 2012


Hey dolls today I picked up 3 polishes from Essie's new summer collection and while I was buying them I noticed they already had OPI Minnie Mouse Collection out so I went back tonight and picked up 2 polishes from this collection with help from my 5 yr old twins. (I'm going back for the red..its Gorg-e-ous)

IM ALL EARS- Gorgeous shimmering it.
NOTHIN' MOUSIE BOUT IT- I knew this one would be a pain but my daughter really wanted me to buy it. I have no idea how to use it. Hardly any hearts come off when your applying it and by the time you put a base colour under it so you can see the hearts then put the heart polish on top trying to place the hearts my polish was so thick it was ridiculous. So right now I hate it but I'll keep working with it.
 Sara XO


  1. I have a similar pink, it's a shade lighter than one of their other shades they got

  2. oh darn, I really liked the look of nothin' mousie about it! too bad the application was difficult.

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  3. I really want all of the nail polishes in this collection, they are so cute :)