Tuesday 1 May 2012


Hey Dolls The one part of my beauty routine I have a hard time keeping up with is my crazy eyebrows. I do wax/tweeze every week but my hair grows so fast I would need to do so every other day to always have groomed brows..yeah right lol .Let me say this post was another that was hard to take pictures of while I was actually doing each step, I will write in steps what I do if its different. 

I start off by wiping all my make-up off my eyebrow area. I'm using a make-up remover wipe

Next I brush my eyebrow hair up. I use a kids size tooth brush .

Next apply wax usually using orange/manicure stick but I couldn't find mine this morning so I used the wooden end of a small artist brush. I get as close to my actual eye brow as I can with out getting wax on in as I can tweeze individual hairs later.

Now here is a step that was hard to show while one hand was holding my camera. In real life I hold my skin firm but not too tight at my temple then with my other hand I grab the edge of the wax with my thumb and index finger and pull up wards in one quick motion.

Then I tweeze all the individual hairs I missed when waxing.

 I brush my eyebrows up and somewhat in to shape once again then trim all the crazy long unruly hairs.

 When all the above is done I wipe my brows over this a make-up wipe or Bioderma on a cotton Pad.

 Because my 2 eyebrows grow a 100 different directions and are very sparse in some areas filling them in is very needed. I use brown brow powder (like eye shadow) with an angle eye liner brush then go over it all with clear brow mascara.

Sara xo


  1. this is why i love having blonde eye brows lol :P xo

  2. Ah...this was helpful! I've always wanted to try this but wasn't exactly sure where to start! Thank you for the info! I feel confident to tackle the craziness now! lol ;)

  3. I love the shape of your brows. Mines now don't grow after years of over waxing. Love your blog too.xxx

  4. Awesome tutorial! What kind of wax did you use?

  5. very helpful, i've never seen this method before!