Saturday 23 June 2012


Morning lovelies, yet another BB Cream review from me today. Maybe its because I'm a make-up loving girlie girl but being such a fan of tinted moisturisers I love the idea of BB Creams and try new ones all the time. I love the fact they have they usually have slightly more coverage then a tinted moisturiser. So on to today's review.

8-IN-1 Beauty Balm 
SPF 30
Medium Sheer Tint

* SPF 30 helps prevent sunburn
* Helps blur the look of imperfections
* Creates a natural looking glow
* Compliments skin-tone
* Hydrates all day 
* Feels fresh
* Oil free

My honest opinion on this one is I think its quite good. Goes on and blends in smoothly. Doesn't cover completely but tones down the redness around my nose and under eye circles (to cover completely I still need concealer). Leaves skin glowing. I'm still on the hunt for an even better one but this is a great Drug store alternative to the expensive high end BB Creams. 

8am & No Make-up *Screams

 Wearing my new BB Cream

Sara xo


  1. I seen quite few reviews on this product so far, I'm so tempted to try it, but I don't have good relationship with BB creams. x

  2. please let me know if along the day your face gets oily. My face is oily and that's why I haven't decided for one BB cream yet!

  3. the only oily zone I have is my forehead(the rest of my face is super dry) and BB creams hold up pretty well on me. I put this one on at 8am this morn with Rimmel stay matte powder on top, spent the day at the park with my kids and its now 3pm and my face is still oil free.

  4. This looks really good on must keep an eye out for this!

  5. I recently review this too! I liked it too :) I have a hard time finding a good colour match so I loved that this came in multiple colours!

  6. My mum bought me this but in the wrong colour so I haven't yet tried it but plan on buying it in a lighter colour :)

    Tanesha x

  7. I cant wait to try this out!

  8. Think you look amazing even though you don't wear any make up!
    Wich I could look that even in the morning!
    Still have yet to try out the BB creams!

  9. I just saw this in Rite Aid and was tempted to buy but was waiting to see more reviews, looks really good! Thanks for the review:)

    New follower:)

  10. I've never tried a BB cream and I just bought this from cheapsmells. Love the review thanks for sharing :) and you look gorgeous with no makeup by the way!

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  11. Looked at reviews AFTER buying and using this-I got the light shade since I am a red head-I have bought many of the creamy, color match, age defying, foundations-so many... I am 48 and have only 2 lines on my face, one at the corner of each eye, but most make-ups make me look older and dry-this one was inexpensive at $8 so I got it-glad I did! perfect coverge-you can layer where you need to-a softdewy glow and not orange at all! I am going tomorrow to buy at least 4-5 more in case they stop selling it!Very happy with this 8-in 1 cream.

  12. Thats awesome. I saw a few bad reviews but had to try it myself and so glad I did. I have been loving this bb cream even more then ones from high end expensive companies:)