Friday 31 August 2012

Voluminous Power Collagen Mascara ( & Liner)

Hi Dolls I was out getting a few things done today including buying for September's Give-Away (which will be posted tonight!!) and I stopped in Shoppers to grab a new waterproof mascara since all of mine are hitting the throw out mark..I decided to try this one because I really like the other Voluminous Mascaras and it came with a bonus Liner:)

One Layer

 Two Layers

 With Liner

This is only my first impression of these products but I like them so far.

Voluminous Power Collagen WP Mascara in Blackest Black
I really thought it made my lashes look great and it gave me a choice of more natural to dramatic lashes. No Clumps:). I did find it difficult to get product on my outer corner lashes but that's more my lashes then the Mascara because I have this problem all the time no matter what I use.

Voluminous Eye Liner
Great colour pay off and sets quickly but I'm not sure about the shape of the tip. I found it impossible to do the point on my everyday winged liner look..but maybe I just need to experiment with it some more.

Sara xo
Watch out for tonight's Give-Away Post:)


  1. ooh a giveaway!! :D great review the liner looks really good! x

  2. This looks really nice on will have to try it out!

  3. Your lashes are so long! I like the sound of the mascara.

  4. Ooh I really love the look of this mascara! xo

  5. This mascara looks great! really effective!


  6. I HATE that liner! I got it as a bonus with a different mascara and we did not get along at all. I really tired to like it but I think the tip is too big to be useful.

  7. I agree completely I have no idea how your suppost to use it. In these pics it took me a bunch of time trying it out because I kept screwing it up:(