Tuesday 4 September 2012

De-Furring my Legs:)

Hi Dolls I'm a waxer, I hate shaving and only do so in a rush..maybe its because my hair grows back in so fast or maybe I'm just lazy but anyways Ive been stuck wearing pants the last 2 days and tonight I finally got around to waxing. Here's my routine:)
1. I hop in the shower and exfoliate
2. I rub the wax strip in my hands to warm the wax up then I separate the wax strip in 2 
3. Then I place the strip on my leg and press rub over it a few times
4. I hold me skin taught with one hand & pull the wax strip off with the other hand.
5. Once I'm all done I apply lotion
6. Yay smooth legs for a few weeks:)

Sara xo
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  1. au :)

  2. cI also wax but I prefer hot waxes over cold or wax strips. I find them less painful and more efficient.

  3. I will definitely try out hot wax for my legs and see if it works better:)