Tuesday 9 October 2012

Updated Review - Maybelline Color Tattoo Shadows

Hello dolls. You all know my love for the Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Shadows. Since I've had most the shades since they released in Canada I thought doing an updated review with swatches was needed. Of course I still adore these shadows for their colours, staying power, price and versatility. They are great alone, as a shadow base and as a gel/cream Liner. I have however discovered a small issue with them I thought I would share. They dry out quickly. I'm assuming all cream make-up would eventually do so but I've had my MAC paint pots for double the amount of time and they are still soft. I can still use the Color Tattoos but I really have to rub my finger in the pot with some force to get the colour now. That being said  once thats done it still applies well to the lid. I guess I cant complain too much for the price compared to other Highend cream Shadows just thought I would let you know.
I still love this product(s) and would still recommend them to every one but I thought I should let you know about them drying out quicker then other cream shadows I own. If you don't mind working with the change in texture or replacing them every so often.

Sara xo
Cant wait to see what goodies I can add to my Big December Give-away at IMATS next month:)


  1. Great review! I really like these shadows, I wish I had all of them too! :)



  2. This is a bummer, but i still love them

  3. I love these! I want to get my hands on the fall collection so bad.

  4. I still haven't tried these they look excellent!

    Foundation - Thrifty or high end whats your favourite?

  5. I still havent tried these, they look excellent!

  6. even though I'm not an eyeshadow fan I would love to try these! They seem to be of such a great quality! XOXO :)


  7. So many beautiful colors! I only have 3 of these, but I love them!

  8. I only have one colour from the collection, but I really like the Permanent Taupe colour. In England we have the same lids as the permanent taupe, it's so weird that the packaging changes from country to country!