Thursday 6 December 2012

MY EVERYDAY BRUSHES & How I use them:)

Well I guess tonight's post isn't going along with my holiday theme ooh well lol. I'm talking brushes in this one, my fave every day brushes. 



1. bdellium Flat Top Kabuki - Foundation
2. Real Techniques stippling Brush - Foundation
3. QUO Contour Brush - Powder Highlighters
4. QUO Powder Brush - Bronzing Powder
5. QUO Fan Brush - Blush (very pigmented)
6. QUO Blush - Blush
7. QUO Crease Shadow - Setting under eye concealer
8. e.l.f Shadow Brush - Eye shadows
9. QUO All over eye shadow Brush - All over lid
10. MAC 275SE - Crease
11. e.l.f Crease Brush - Crease
12. Clinique ? - Eye Brows
13. MAC 212 - Placing Shadow along/under upper/lower lashes
14. Maybelline Liner Brush - Gel Liners
15. QUO Angled Liner Brush - Gel Liners
16. QUO Ultra Finer Liner Brush - Lipsticks/Lip Tars

As you can see I don't always use a brush for what it was intended for but that's OK it works for me:)

Sara xo


  1. I keep meaning to order the Real Technique's stippling brush. You seem to have a nice variety of brushes, which makes me want to buy more haha.

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  3. you can never have too many brushes! great post :)

  4. The QUO brushes look fab. I have never heard of them before. I also love the Real Technique brushes. x

  5. Wow you have a lot of cute brushes! I only have 5 or six but they're okay haha x