Sunday 6 January 2013

Browsing ASOS - What to spend my GCs on??

Hi Loves, I have more products to review but to be honest I'm lazily hanging out in my living room and don't really feel up to swatching and taking pics tonight in my office. So instead I am showing you some of the pieces I am thinking about ordering soon. I am being really picky on what I use certain gift cards for and I'm sure I will do a lot of virtual window shopping before I decide but the first place I checked out was ASOS.

Even if I combined all my gift cards I would probably need to dip in to my own money which I am saving so most likely I wont order all of these but they sure did catch my eye:)

Sara xo


  1. i want all of this aswell. i need to be rich!!- jade xxx

  2. you're so pretty, i love your blog!!- jade xxx