Saturday 26 January 2013

Keeping Make-up Brushes Clean

Hi Loves I have very sensitive skin and because of this I break out easily. I don't usually have acne unless its that wonderful time of the month lol or I don't take proper measures to keep everything that touches my face clean. Like sanitizing my hands and keeping my brushes clean. Once a week I deep clean my brushes but I spot clean them every day. This is how.

You will need :
Rubbing Alcohol 
Cotton Pads 

Just put the rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad then rub the brush over the cotton pad and see the product build up come off. I usually flip over the cotton pad and repeat or use a second one. Works great for foundation and eye liner/eye brow brushes best because of their shape. Just change up your technique depending on the brush you are cleaning. I clean my flat top brushes by rubbing them on the cotton in a circular motion and my eye brushes by rubbing them back and forth. You can also fill a small dish with rubbing alcohol and and swirl the whole brush inside for a deeper clean. Its very easy and the best part the rubbing alcohol evaporates fast so your brushes dry quickly.
Sorry for the picture quality I haven't gone to the store yet for batteries so I'm using my old Camera today.

Sara xo


  1. I've never seen brushes get clean like this before. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing, great post! x