Saturday 16 February 2013

Orange Lipsticks (from Corals - Reds)

Hey Loves, One color I love to wear all year round is Orange, on my nails, cheeks and on my lips. There is such a variety of oranges to go well in any season and to suit most skin tones. Its much more wearable then you may think. I love everything from pink toned corals to orange toned reds. Just a few of my faves.

Left to Right (in order below)
Maybelline 515 Coral Crush / Rimmel Kate Matte 109 / Maybelline Color Whisper 40 Orange Attitude
Rimmel 620 Coral Queen / Rimmel 640 Coral Chic / Ultraflesh Torch (matte)

I was going to show some of my favorite orange toned blushes and nail polishes but this post would be way to long so I guess you will see them in later posts.

I really should start a second Blog all about Lipstick :)

Sara xo


  1. Oh I am loving the last two! Gorgeous! I need to step out of my lipstick color box. I tend to stick to one red and one pink, then lots of lip gloss! :) I must try a couple of these colors.


  2. You pull of an orange lip so well!! I could never!


  3. I love orange-red colored lips! I need to buy a new lipstick in that color you have on!!! Love it! xx Pip

  4. I love orange lipstick, these all look gorgeous. x

  5. I love coral lipsticks! I think it's a colour that people think is difficult to wear but once you try it you discover there's a shade of coral to suit everyone!

    My latest post

  6. I adore orangey/coral lipsticks, the colour looks lovely with spring neons and pastels :) xo

  7. I'm a massive fan of coral/bright orange/ pastel orange lipsticks. They definitely add a gorgeous dimension to your look. They really suit you :). You're making me want all the Whispers!! Xxx