Friday 12 April 2013

My 1st YouTube Video - Easy Top Knot with Extensions

Hello Loves. I wanted to share the disastrous adventure of making my first video. Not only did my camera stop recording less then 3 mins in but I was clueless when it came to using any of the editing software I downloaded today so I didnt do anything to it. I decided ugh whatever I'll upload it to YouTube anyways. Its my first video which always seems awkward anyways and I doubt many will see it. Half way through the upload my internet went down lol:)

Nice thumbnail hehe:)

P.s this is how I wear my hair almost everyday but I add a bow.
Sara xo 


  1. I thought this was great!!! LOVE!!!

    1. Thank you!!. Maybe I wont be so nervous and have a clue of what Im doing in my second one:) xx

  2. its not a horrible first video at all!! good job.. cant wait to see the next one


  3. you did great my dear!!!! XOXOXO :)