Thursday 2 February 2012

I'm Obsessed..Mascara Review part 1

When it comes to beauty product obsessions I have plenty, among these cant live with out products is MASCARA ..I Believe out of all the make-up I put on mascara truly transforms my whole look. It opens your eyes and makes you look awake even on the days you haven't slept and your feeling a little zombie like. I own A LOT of mascaras for 2 main reasons..1. I'm always trying to find a better one and 2. each one does something different like lengthen, volumize, natural, drama & waterproof. I will apologize right now for the poor picture quality..the focus on my camera wasn't behaving!!

Here we go Beauties:)

                   DIOR DIORSHOW in Black
2 Swipes
I don't use this mascara as much now but it is a pretty great mascara, if you like a really big brush. I find the it gives me a more natural look (but I go for the false lash look daily). my only complaint is the black looks brown and I love very blackest blacks for my mascara's. 

                                             BUXOM LASH
2 Swipes
One of my all time the large and somewhat strange looking brush. On me this mascara lengthens, separates and volumizes big time. Cant say one bad thing about this product..I will tell you an awesome combo is Buxom Lash with MUFE Smoky Lash layered on top!!

2 Swipes
This Product is definitely more watery then my other mascaras or ones I would normally buy but since in came in my Lash Stash box I decided to give it a go.The verdict..the curved wand really does help keep your lashes curled and the volume it gives it pretty good but it can get super clumpy if your not careful when applying it.

                   MUFE SMOKY LASH
2 Swipes
LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this mascara. I love the volume and length it gives your lashes. I do love the fake lashes look so the fact you can get real lash drama from this product is a major selling point for me. It wears well, I found it didn't flake at all wearing it the entire day and most of the night..did I say love:)

                   FAIRY DROPS
2 Swipes
I was so Happy that FairyDrops mascara came in my newest Sephora Lash Stash box. I really wanted to try this unique wanded mascara since I first heard Ingrid one of my favorite Youtuber Beauty mention how much she loved this mascara. I really like this one. It holds a curl very well and volumizes/lengthens well. I adore the packaging and the 3 balled curved wand is just plain cool:)

I hope you liked the first in my series of Mascara review/comparison posts. If there is any you would like me to review for you on my Blog before you purchase it just msg me below.

Sara XO

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