Thursday 1 March 2012

HOW I SAVE $ SHOPPING..My Tips & Tricks:)

Hey Dolls, being a girl is expensive and being a girl that adores beauty products is even harder on your wallet so i thought it would do a post sharing how I save money buying all the Goodies I use and review. All though I do spend quite a bit of money I also save a lot as well. This is how...

SALE RACKS: I buy seasonal clothes at the end of season from the clearance racks. I mostly do this with staple pieces. This doesn't work well with trends as they may not be in or some thing your going to like the next year.Every store and website has a sale section.

EMAILS: Sign up for email alerts. If they have a web site then most likely they have some sort of email alert system that will inform you of sales, promotions, coupons, discount codes, free shipping and free with purchase products. 

HOLIDAY SALES: Look out for big sale days like Pre Christmas, Boxing Day, Black Friday and most recently leap year sales.

RECEIPT COUPONS: If you purchase from a store that has coupons on the receipt to be used with a later purchase..Use them it only takes a 2 min phone call to get the discount code. I wait for sales at those stores and then combine it with my receipt coupon for extra savings or double the products.
Bath & Body Works & La Senza are among the stores doing this.

STORE COUPONS & FREE GIFT CARDS: Many stores put coupons in your bags at the register like Bath & Body Works. Other stores like Shoppers Drug mart have weeks when they give out gift cards if you spend a certain amount of money. I recently got a $10 of any purchase of beauty products over $50 at the BAY that was good for the whole month of February..I used it on MAC 3x:)

DISCOUNT CODES: When Shopping Online I always do a google search for discount codes for the store I want to buy from. This can give you any thing from a % off, free shipping or extra products with purchase. I find this can be difficult at times here in Canada as most of the sites are USA based but alot still work and a lot of sites will have codes on them or they will email them to you like E.L.F.

DISCOUNT CARDS: For a one time fee or even free  a lot of stores offer discount cards (usually with extra coupons) you can use all year for a % off your purchases. Bluenotes, American Eagle, Chapters/Indigo, Sunrise/HMV, La Senza.....

EXTRAS: I personally like getting more for my money and love trying new products so I tend to lean towards the beauty/make-up gift sets and palettes then single items. Like if I want to try out new mascaras I buy SEPHORA's Lash stash which gives you a great variety and last a very long time. SEPHORA has alot of great sets..why purchase 1 product you have been eyeing when for a few dollars more you can get it plus 5 other products to try. 

POINTS: Signing up for points is easy and while your buying things you were already going to buy why not collect points for free products or discounts later. I love shopping at stores with point systems like Shoppers Drug Mart & Sephora.

SALE STORES & SITES: Sign up for Sites like Hautelook, Modnique & Beyond the rack for huge discounts on great items. Check out stores like Winners. I find great finds in the beauty section there like my Seche Vite Topcoats & bases for $6 and my Bobbi Brown eye shadow palette for $30.

I wait till there is something Ive been eyeing for a while or a brand new product I cant wait to try and apply one or more of these money saving tips if I can. 90% of the time I can..even better when I can use more then one. Like waiting for a store sale then using a coupon to save even more money and bonus if I get another coupon to use at my next visit ..(how I buy all my bath & body works candles). You may have read this post and think wow crazy coupon lady but with just a few tricks that take no effort at all I can pretty much save money on everything I want to buy and for a gal that LOVES shopping thats awesome:) Well I could talk forever on this subject but I guess this is a good place to end it. Hope something on here helps you out on your future shopping trips:)

Sara XO 

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