Monday 7 May 2012

Boy Have I Changed...Have You???

Hi Beauties, I was chatting with a friend the other day about what else make-up and all things girlie and discovered how much my tastes and beauty habits have changed in the last few years. I'm not sure if its my age now or just the fact Ive become much more aware of the importance of taking care of my skin but boy have I changed.
1. I used to fall asleep with make-up on esp Mascara on a regular basis, not caring because my skin wasn't bad to begin with. I ALWAYS take off my make-up even if that means carrying around a pack of travel make-up wipes in my purse.

2. I thought Matte Eye Shadow was horrible and now its my fave finish. Yes I still use more shimmery shades for an evening out sometimes but stick to my Mattes for my every day look.

3. I hung out in the sun a lot never being concerned because I don't really burn. I now apply sunscreen every day with out fail and spend minimal time in the sun. 

4. I wasn't a fan of sparkly shimmery Nail polish, I love a good sparkly nail these days.

5. I'm still not sure how much it is really helping but I do apply creams to my under eye area and neck every night which is just one more thing I never thought about before.

6. I thought lipstick was for models and older ladies..I don't leave the house with out applying it now, even a subtle shade makes me feel so girlie. 

7. I always wore what ever style of clothes I wanted with out caring what others thought and although that is still true today I wasn't so fearless with my I am. I don't care where I am at the time and whats in style there if I want to sport a smoky eye on a Wednesday afternoon or a red lip on a Monday morning I do so with my head held high and a smile on my face:)

How have you changed?

Sara xo


  1. I've 100% changed! Even from a year ago! Now im OCD about skincare (though i should reaaally wear a suncream) and always wear bright bold eye looks!

  2. Im OCD about my skin care too:) I find the easiest way to get my sunscreen on is to have spf in my face & body lotions or/& tinted moisturizer xx

  3. Great post looking back on it I have changed a lot in my makeup likes/dislikes over the years too. I never used to wear sunscreen either and now I do religiously! Same with lipstick never used to wear it now I love it!

  4. I LOVE this post! Looking back I've changed so much! When I was younger I never cared too much about skincare & my make up routine was basically a clear lip balm and maybe if I was feeling really fancy some mascara! Haha...boy have things changed! :D

  5. I was a lip balm and not much else kind of girl too adding maybe mascara at night..until I discovered Youtube & some amazing beauty blogs and my love of being girly was born:)

  6. How apply makeup I think is all that's changed. I've been really good about taking care of my skin since I've always had pretty bad acne. I think my ideas have changed a little too. I was on the same bout as you about the lipstick, but now I'm in love and wear it a lot.

  7. WOW are we the same person? I wasn't a fan of matte shadow or glittery polish and now I LOVE them both. I always wear lipstick these days too and am a lot more outgoing with my clothes and makeup. (: