Thursday 21 June 2012

HORRID HUMIDITY- Make-up of the Week

Hi Beauties, I didn't feel like writing a review, haul or tutorial today and although I could ramble on for days about everything and nothing I figured I would share the make-up Ive been sporting all week..really its a very simple routine, in this Heat & horrible humidity I really don't feel like wearing cosmetics at all but I'm not comfortable going completely bare face..Here are the products Ive been using:)
1. Tinted moisturiser - loving Laura Mercier but this week I'm going for ones with with SPF like MAC Studio Moisture Tint
2. Loreal Magic Lumi Concealer - just to lighten up under my eye area
3. Dust MAC MSF over my T-Zone 
4. Benefit Stay Don't Stray - applied over my eye lids to conceal veins
5. NARS Laguna Bronzer - E3
6. Benefit Posy Tint - on apples of cheeks
7. Buxom Lash & Loreal Carbon Black layered after a good curl:)
8. Tinted Lip Balm like Baby Lips

Very simple but helps me look less zombie like:)
Sara xo


  1. That's exactly how it is here - horrible humid. I am thinking about what makeup to wear every day before i leave the house. Mostly just some powder and mascara

  2. Isn't humidity horrible! I have been wanting to try the lumi concealer.. would you recommend it?


  3. I personally love it..most of the time I use it over my concealer to lighten up my under eyes..but on days i actually get sleep I use it alone:)

  4. Laguna! I <3 it!!