Thursday 19 July 2012


Hello Lovelies. Today I wanted to share some fashion trends/styles I love and a few I don't care for at all. For the ones I don't like.. all I'm saying is I don't like them on me. 

Loving Me Some...
DISCO PANTS - After seeing pics of my Mom in her hot pink disco pants on a roller skating date with my dad I thought wow mom how could you where those out, don't get me wrong my momma was a model and could pull it off but shiny disco I love them..well in black:)

ROMPERS - I've always loved them but always second guess myself when I put them on for a few seconds..are people going to think I'm trying to look like a child..but I really don't care when it comes down to it.

SLOUCHY SHIRTS - I was a fitted shirt gal until a few years ago buying every top in my usual size small but now I buy most shirts in a medium or large, loving that comfy, loose, falling off the shoulder look.

SHEERNESS - Just a look I'm loving more and more in skirts, dresses & tops..obviously with some thing underneath lol.

You Won't Find In My Closet...
CROP TOPS - I think they can look cute on others but after having twins my stomach is the one part of my body I'm not comfortable showing off ..hello stretch marks.

PRINT PANTS - Don't get me wrong I love coloured Jeggings but I can't pull off ones with with large floral prints or other designs.

BODY CON DRESSES/SKIRTS - Another item of clothing looks great on others but just looks to tight to be comfortable and I tried wearing a body con skirt once and it kept riding up as a walked..what a pain:)

What Fashion trends do you love and hate??

Sara xo
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  1. Totally agree with you on the crop tops!

  2. Aw too bad I owns those floral pants hahaha!! Even though, the picks are lovely!! XOXO :)

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  3. lol sorry bout that hun, like I said I just dont like certain styles on me. Maybe its the fact Im almost 6 ft tall and that would be a whole lot of pattern:)

    1. Hahaha it's ok sweetheart! I perfectly understand :) we are all different in our own ways!! XOXOX