Friday 13 July 2012


Hey Dolls Ive been thinking a lot lately about taking a vacation and for some odd reason this morning I thought what if I was only aloud to bring 10 items of Make-up in my bag (not including brushes). This was probably one of the more difficult posts I have wrote because I kept going over 10 then thinking but I really need that too. Here are my choices:)

*MAC SELECT COVER UP CONCEALER/NW20 - I can't live with out concealer for under my eyes. I chose this one because it covers well but isn't cakey.
*LAURA MERCIER TINTED MOISTURISER/SAND - Just to even out my skin a little. 
*RIMMEL STAY MATTE POWDER/TRANSLUCENT - Needed a powder to set my concealer with and I'm really liking this one lately.
*NARS LAGUNA BRONZER - Totally in love with this product, I don't sit out in the sun so it gives some colour to my face.
*BENEFIT HERVANA BLUSH - This box blush goes with every look and since I opted not to bring a bunch of eye shadows I thought a nice soft blush would give some life to my face without being too over powering.
*QUO BROW FOCUS - I have to fill in my brows or I don't feel quite right
*MAYBELLINE COLOR TATTOO/BAD TO THE BRONZE - Depending how well you blend/layer it this gorgeous shade can be great for day or night & has amazing staying power .
*LOREAL VOLUMINIOUS CARBON BLACK - Well of course I needed a mascara and a water proof one (Allergies & the sun make my eyes tear a lot). I could also use it as a black eye liner if need be.
*ANNABELLE SMUDGE PAINT/MUDDY - This Bronze Liner isn't as harsh as black, lasts all day and has its own brush attached.
*MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS/GRAPE VINE - Needed a lip product to keep my lips from getting dry. I love this grape one and the hint of colour it gives my lips.

What would your 10 be?

Sara xo


  1. great products! love this :)

  2. I think this is one of the hardest decisions ever!!! But, great choices sweetie! :)

    MayT Essentials

  3. I been planning for so long what to take on my holiday, so I bought the small make-up bag and I need to fit everything that I need. This is so hard. x

  4. NARS Laguna Bronzer is gorgeous, its one of my favorites.

  5. Great post - currently trying to pack for my hen night (1 night) and I have loads of stuff lol xx

  6. I'd have NARS laguna, maybelline mascara and bb cream. Revlon lip butter

    In the first paragraph I think you mean " allowed" not " aloud". Sorry, I'm a English teacher:/