Tuesday 17 July 2012


Hello Lovelies, Today I went out to find a new foundation for days I want more coverage (I do have a few but I'm not in love with them) I ended up getting lrg samples of Estee Lauder Double Wear, Double Wear Light & Teint Idole Ultra and while I was there I bought a few things Ive been eyeing.

Blush Subtil in Tangerine Tint (more orange in person)

Hypnose Drama Mascara, Eyeliner & E.Make-up Remover Set

Products I chose for my Free with Purchase

I also snatched up some Drug Store brand make-up at discounted prices and Nail polish on sale which I will share in future posts..Thinking I should make a second blog for Hauls because there is no denying I love to shop.

Sara xo


  1. To the lovely lady that just left that sweet comment you have no idea if I work or where my income comes from, my kids do have college funds and I have money to spend because I don't go out during the week and very rarely on the weekends so the money other people spend on coffee & drinks with friends I spend on things that I like. My children have everything they need/want and really its non of your business and if you dont like it stay off my blog..hmm could you be a certain person making up yet another fake profile.

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  3. Great post, you have a wonderful selection of makeup and you review them so well!

  4. Oh sweetie don't listen to that people!!! YOU know that you are doing YOUR things the way YOU should!!!! Having a beauty blog is like having a job! Just spend your time and effort on what's worth it!!! WE love you :) Great haul XOXO You should visit bohovanity.com she made a post on negative comments about 1 or 2 days ago!

    MayT Essentials

  5. Let them talk girl! You buy what you like and it's noones business!
    I love, love, love the blush btw