Sunday 25 November 2012

MAC Cleanse Off Oil Review:)

Hey Lovelies. I have been using Sephora Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover for a few years now and had run out recently so I decided to pick up MAC Cleanse Off Oil while at MAC after IMATS. I definitely have mixed feelings on this one.

I Like:
It easily removes my waterproof Mascara & Liner without scrubbing. Just lightly messaging over my eye lids and all my make-up is removed.

I Don't Like:
Yes it does remove my make-up but spreads it all over my face, not a big Deal since I wash my face after anyways. My biggest peeve about this product is it stings my eyes and makes my site blurry for about 20 mins after I use it. Maybe its my sensitive eyes or its the product itself.

I'm going to use up the rest of this small bottle even if its just to remove my face make-up before washing my face but I don't think I will be re-purchasing unless my opinion changes.

Sara xo
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  1. I've always wondered how good this product was..thanks for the review!

  2. I'm not sure if this cleanser is made to use on the eye... But I think is very oily and I wouldn't use it either..

  3. The women who sold it to me said I could use it for all my make-up or just an eye make-up remover..unless your eyes are not sensitive at all I wouldnt recommend it:)

    Sara xx

  4. Fantastic review. Very thorough. I'm surprised that this product didn't work out well.
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  5. Such a shame it stings your eyes. I love this, one of my go to make up removers. x

  6. Maybe it's not suited for the eyes!

    MAC has specific eye make up removers I've never used this before either and I doubt I will!