Monday 26 November 2012


Here is another post showcasing one of the products from my recent swap. If you know me you will know blacked winged liner is my everyday look and although I'm a gel liner gal I have been looking for a good liquid liner for quite some time. Thanks to Natalie I found it. This liner is so black and goes on evenly and not patchy and streaky. The brush tip is very thin and is great for making a thin line or building up a thicker one. Not sure if we have this one yet here in Canada  or I never noticed it before but its another Rimmel win for me:)
Don't mind my very unkempt brows lol
Sara xo
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  1. does this last long enough when on? I can't seem to find one that has a good staying power :/
    yazmine xx

  2. I will test the staying power out tmr and msg you on how it does. I have only worn it max 5 hrs so far and it held up great:) x

  3. I'm loving all these reviews :), means I picked we'll :p.

    I can't wait to do another swap with you :), just let me know when you want to! Xx