Tuesday 13 November 2012

Night Time (Face Cleansing) Routine

Hey Dolls, I have had to change up my face cleansing routine a bit because I've have a few breakouts lately that really aren't the norm for me. Every time I break out (not often at all) I get panicky and head to the store to buy  products to treat the problem, which is never easy to find. Seriously dry skin & Acne prone, everything seems to be made for oily acne prone skin. So Anyways this is the routine I've been using over the past week or so that has really helped.
I first remove all my make-up with my favorite face cleansing wipes. I like the rose ones best.
I then use my home made toner on a contain pad to make sure my make-up is all removed and to treat any acne that has sprung up. The toner is made from water and 10 drops of 100% pure Tea Tree Oil.
I apply my body butter balm to my lips and cuticles
Last I apply Argan oil to my face.
Sara xx


  1. where did you get those wipes ? You may have to try those and get you to get me some. They look interesting,

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  3. Great post! I love reading peoples skincare routines!